Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gorse Glow

Glow of gorse
Kisses on a winter day
Bring warmth
To a
Waiting heart



  1. striking blooms
    on a prickly plant
    upon seeing it's beauty
    I can forgive
    the scars it left upon my legs

  2. Wisdom from Cornwall
    [and Devon]
    says that if gorse
    is in flower then
    kissing is still in season

    always a good thing June ♥
    thank you for your comment ♥

  3. i don't know if we have gorse here in the desert or not, but you have to love a flower that means kissing is still in season.

  4. I certainly agree with you Dani ♥ Though I would break the rules and kiss even if there weren't any gorse flowers ☺♥☺